Thursday, 6 October 2011

Sunshine of your love

 The past week was filled with glorious sunshine which I obviously made the most of (and made many friends jealous in doing so).  I felt the title of my post is very fitting for enjoying the sun and lots of love :)  I do have a lot of free time on my hands given that I go to college one and a half days a week and that's all.  Whilst I do have this free time I am aiming to make the most of it as you never know when that free time will be taken away from you due to the obligations of life.  The weather has now turned to cold windy Autumn and I am so glad I made the most of the sun :)

After my half day of college on Thursday I went into uni, because I wish I was a fresher again, not for the crazy awesome party's, but because I now feel ready to do a physics degree.  So I now scowl at all the little kids running round like lost fools on campus ha!  No, in reality I may have annoyed expression at all the people making too much noise and hanging in pretty places but they are no different to any other group of freshers.  My actual reason for going into uni was to meet up with the Physics Outreach group for an initial meeting.  It is now Thursday again, time is really flying past me at the moment.   I shall also do a post on the group at some point perhaps as I do feel the group needs its own post :)

I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on the grass in the park reading my book and sunning myself, bliss!  This was made even better when random acoustic music started to sound :)  A cajon, tambourine, guitar and good voices made for excellent park entertainment.  They were good too, which always helps, and they played the bare necessities which really did make my day :) 

Friday was beach day!  I just decided when I woke up that the weather was too nice to waste and a beach trip had to be had.  I managed to drag a friend away from work for the day to enjoy the sun, sea and sand.  It was only Formby beach but it's a very pretty beach with dunes and pine woods to add to the exploration :)

 Saturday was written off for various reasons like needing to sleep and the rain came on Sunday.  It didn't dampen my spirits though as I dragged the best friend across the water for a free bbq, excellent live music and lovely company.  Across the water sounds like we went somewhere lovely and exotic but alas it was just the Wirral, which is lovely just not that exotic.  Just another Northern place, which makes it awesome, pretty and a place you should visit!  Yorkshire will always be the best Northern place but I am appreciating the surroundings that I have :)

Now to refresh my memory on some simple physics for my exciting afternoon playing with detectors and radioactive sources.  Just to clarify health and safety will be at it's fullest and by playing I mean I'm going to have lots of fun and enjoy myself immensely as physics is fun!  I mean what's more fun than understanding the universe and everything that exists within it!

Peace, love and happy things :)

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


I meant to actually do a post on The Stonetown Sessions last week.  As that would have made a lot more sense!  But life got in the way.  Life is absolutely amazing at the moment!  Just existing in every moment as it comes and enjoying the love I receive from the people I bring joy to and they bring me joy too :)
The Stonetown Sessions run by Al is an awesome acoustic night upstairs in the Zanzibar last Saturday of every month.  I suggest if you are in Liverpool and want a lovely relaxed and welcoming atmosphere on a Saturday night this is the place to be, where all the cool kids are :)

I'm no music critic so I'm not going to go on about the bands that played on Saturday but the standard is always excellent.  Makes me envious of their ability to multi task and play and sing intune!  But we can't be good at everything so I am grateful I get to let me ears listen to some excellent live music once a month :)

I do go to listen to the music but I just love chatting and having a laugh with my friends and the new people I'm introduced to each time I go along.

So if you're in Liverpool on the  29th October go upstairs in the Zanzibar I hear you hear some good live music :)

Monday, 12 September 2011


I have spent the last week or so residing (read crashing on friends sofas) in Liverpool.  It has been amazing and I never want to leave!  It is my favourite place, there's always so much going on and there's nothing better than catching up and drinking tea with friends :)

My favourite tea shop has been frequented often.  Leaf on Bold St always has a lovely atmosphere.  The large selection of teas and tasty food.  Think I spent at least six hours there last week, it's just such a great place to sit and chat.

Last Tuesday I managed to make my best friend almost fall asleep in the pub!  I just have amazing skills ha!  I dragged her along to SciBar in the Ship and Mitre.  Firstly an amazing pub in it's own right with a wide selection of beers that always overwhelms me, I've never any good when given choice.  Scibar is, as the name suggests, science in the pub.  First Tuesday of every month.  This month it was on gravitational waves.  It was interesting to learn how they are attempting to detect them using lasers and mirrors.  I wont go into details, I have a physics degree this greatly interests me but my best friends degree is in design so some of the stuff went way over her head.  I was a shame as I thought she'd get more of it but there were a lot of graphs and I guess if you're not used to looking at graphs and understanding what that shows then you're not really going to grasp what's going on.  I would still suggest going along if you're interested in science at all :)

We actually went back to the Ship and Mitre the next day for more beer and conversations.  This time not based on science.  We also had food, which was excellent and even more so as we gained a free massive bowl of tasty chips.  Can't beat free food :)

Best beer mat ever!

Friday saw us supporting the Bombed out Church or St Luke's to give it it's correct name.  There was a fund raising night for the church which consisted of an auction of art work, a bar and live music.  I actually wanted to bid on a few pieces as they were really good but given my low funds at the moment I think I was wise to avoid that, even though it was for a good cause.  The live music was wonderful, I'd not heard anything in the church before but the acoustics are amazing definitely a venue I would recommend checking out. The events are generally put on by Urban Strawberry Lunch and I think, dependant on weather of course, they are open most days for you to go have a look inside and see what events they have on.

Hope you're making your life eventful.  Please share any events that are going on as I'm always interested to find new places and things :)

Peace, Love and Happy things :)

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A new start requires a new blog

My new starts some times never take effect.  Some times I'll waste the morning and then I'll decided that I'll start my plan of starting something new tomorrow and this continues for a while until I either forget about it or I just don't see the point any more as it's been so long.  Of course this isn't always the case otherwise I'd waste every day and never get a thing done.

Recently I've taken the initiative to get things done, as inevitably things in my life don't get done unless I make them happen.  So I've been making things happen and getting things done.  There are still days where I don't really get much done at all, but we all need a break or at least I find a satisfactory excuse for myself not to do very much that day.

So my new start isn't really fully started yet, not through effort of my own, just other people have lives that don't have me at the centre so I have to wait for them to get things done.  This isn't a complaint and by no means do I expect anyone to have me at the centre of their lives, only myself.  Part of my new start is living for myself, not in a selfish way.  I'm too considerate and compassionate for that and my conscience would not allow me to live with myself if I were.  What I mean by having myself at the centre of my life is that I do things for me, not for the conversation I could have with someone about it, not for the sake of impressing someone else, just simply what I enjoy and when I feel like doing it.

I had come to realise a lot about myself over the past few months.  Lots of free time does that too you.  Realising that a lot of what I did wasn't really for me was a great joy and it has been a pleasure so far finding out what I really do enjoy.  It's a never ending journey but it's a fun one and I'm always excited for the next twist and turn.  Another revelation was to stop over thinking and just do things.  If I want to do something I should do it, if I don't like it I don't have to do it again but at least I tried it.

I feel I'm now inciting lots of clich├ęs, which I guess is the case as these are revelations that everyone probably has at some point in their life.  I can't say for sure as you can't proper anyone's mind but your own.

I think that's a sufficient enough ramble to get this blog started.

Peace, love and happy things :)